How to Talk to your Friends & Family About Abortion This Christmas

Christmas is nearly here, and many of us living in London will be heading home to Ireland or Northern Ireland for the festivities. 

We know that abortion isn't always the easiest topic to bring up with your family, or indeed your friends. But it's more important than ever that we use our time at home this Christmas to get conversations around abortion rights going - and not just with the members of our family that we think will agree with us!

If the past 12 months have taught us anything, it's that once people hear all sides of the debate around abortion rights, and have access to all the information, they are able to make practical, reasonable, informed judgements on where they stand. 

By arming yourself with real life stories and statistics around abortion, and preparing a few key talking points, you'll hopefully feel more equipped to spark open, candid conversations this Christmas - and make your point clearly and respectfully. We've put together this handy graphic to get you started, and you can find lots more facts and myths about abortion over on our Facebook & Instagram feeds. 

Let's get our friends and families talking openly about abortion this Christmas! 


Infographic Choice4Xmas.png
Hannah Little