HOME TO VOTE: I'm horrified to think how Ireland would have treated us

Devin and his wife faced a heartbreaking ordeal, which required them to access abortion services. Now he's flying home to vote to make Ireland a more compassionate place for all. 

In 2011 my wife fell pregnant for the second time. It wasn't expected, but it was welcomed.

We had a routine scan at 10 weeks. I didn't even go. I'd struggled to get free from work.

My wife called, panicky: "There's something wrong with the baby."

We went for another more detailed scan. The foetus had a sizeable bulge around its neck. This indicated Turner's Syndrome.

It didn't look good, but we were hopeful. We were offered genetic testing. We took it.

We waited four weeks for the test results to come back. Turner's Syndrome confirmed. We asked the genetic counsellor what that meant.

He explained that if the foetus survived, the child would have a range of issues. The list was long, but it didn't sound unsurmountable.

Online, I found Turner's kids who were fully functional in the world. But the genetic counsellor explained that the foetus was very unlikely to go beyond six months, and if born alive was unlikely to survive more than a couple of hours.

Even if it did, its quality of life was likely to be extremely poor.

My wife - a natural-born mother, devoted to her children - couldn't face it.

We were offered a termination. We weren't thrilled, but we realised this was the best course of action available.

We ended the pregnancy.

We grieved the loss of the baby we had envisioned joining our family.

We think of her still.

When we had a crisis pregnancy we received the care we needed. We were supported by the system. We were loved.

We were in Australia.

We moved back to Ireland in 2015. It horrifies and embarrasses me to think how we would have been treated there in the same situation.

We in Ireland abandon and exile those with crisis pregnancies at the moment they need us most.

It's unconscionable.

It's unnecessary.

We moved to France six weeks ago, but I'll be flying back to Ireland on May 25th to vote YES so we can remove the Eighth Amendment once and for all. 

Hannah Little