A referendum on Ireland's abortion laws is due to take place in late may of this year. ahead of an official date we're asking Irish citizens abroad to pledge to come #HometoVote to repeal the Eighth Amendment and pave the way for safe and legal abortion access. 

We've already been flooded with pledges from voters from around the world, who want to help shape their country's future. Find out if you're vote-eligible by visiting www.hometovote.com.  

Aoife moved from Ireland to Rome last summer:


"I am coming home to vote in solidarity for all the Irish women and girls that are forced abroad to terminate their pregnancies for whatever their reason.

Women do not take this decision lightly and it should no longer be up to our government to regulate access to full reproductive choice.

I look forward to the day that I and other Irish women can exercise sovereignty over our own bodies and have access to free, safe and legal abortions."

Lianne has been living in London since August:


"I may be living in London now, but I have not forgotten about the injustice being committed against Irish women.

I disagree with the current system, which stigmatises, traumatises, and discriminates against those who seek abortions.

I trust women, and insist that they have autonomy over their own bodies. In short, I believe in choice. That is why I will be travelling home at the end of May to vote to repeal the Eighth Amendment."

Sarah joined Repeal Brussels after moving there from Ireland in September:

"I was part of 'Yes Equality Wicklow' and the small amount of work and campaigning I did with them was one of the most emotional, but most valuable periods of my life.

When I moved to Brussels it was the day of March for Choice 2017, so the first thing I did was look up a Repeal group here. 

We participated in a protest named 'Lights on Rights' linked to the women's marches in the USA at the end of January and are now conducting regular meetings in order to raise awareness of these issues facing women in Ireland and to gather momentum for the Home to Vote movement.

Without a shadow of a doubt I will be booking flights home the second the referendum date is announced. It's so important for everyone to go out and vote and for as many people as possible to return to Ireland to have their say."

Mary-Jane recently moved to London from Ireland:


“The current system is so fundamentally broken. Irish Women, if they can afford it, are forced to travel alone, ashamed and afraid to access basic healthcare. It’s not right.

Even though I’m fresh off the boat in London I’ll be making the journey and encouraging everyone I know to make the journey, because it matters so much.

It’s ironic so many Irish women are forced to make the same trip in reverse to have an abortion. I want to travel home to make sure this will happen no more.”

David's been living in Italy since June of last year: 


"I am travelling home to vote to repeal the Eighth Amendment on behalf of all the women and girls in Ireland who do not have a choice about what happens to their bodies.

I know women that have been forced to travel abroad to terminate their pregnancies for whatever personal reasons and it is not an easy decision to make, particularly when they are made to feel like criminals.

I trust Irish women that whatever decision they make will be the right one for them. Until they have full body autonomy Ireland will not be an equal place."


Hannah Little