Animation: One journey for an abortion #205kTravelled

It happens every day. A woman* on the island of Ireland is forced to travel—if she can afford it—to Britain for healthcare she should receive at home. Since 1983 an estimated 205,704  women have travelled to Britain from Ireland and Northern Ireland for a safe abortion. Women* in Ireland have died after being refused life-saving abortion procedures.

We campaign for the repeal of the 8th Amendment from the Irish constitution which equates the life of a woman to that of an embryo, the decriminalisation of abortion in Northern Ireland, and for access to free safe legal abortion across the island of Ireland.

We are holding a solidarity event to the Abortion Rights Campaign's 6th Annual March for Choice on 30th Sept. Our event is in London at the Irish Embassy. We will make 205,704 chalk markings on the pavement outside the Irish Embassy; making visible the 205,704 Irish and Northern Irish women who have travelled to Great Britain for an abortion since the 8th Amendment in 1983. The main gathering will start from 1.30pm with speeches beginning at 2pm sharp, so please arrive promptly. Banners and signs are very welcome. If you’re on Twitter, feel free to use the hashtags #205kTravelled and #TimeToAct. We hope you can join us to stand in solidarity with the women* who have made this journey and to demand legislative change which guarantees choice.

*trans, and non-binary people

Please attend our solidarity event on Saturday, September 30th at the Irish Embassy, London.