PRESS RELEASE: Referendum Date Announced May 25th 2018




Irish Abroad Urged to Return #HomeToVote on May 25th in Referendum to remove the eighth amendment.


DATE: The London-Irish Abortion Rights Campaign today urged over 40,000 Irish people living abroad to go #HomeToVote in a crucial referendum on May 25th on introducing abortion services in Ireland following the announcement of a date for the long awaited vote on removing the Eighth Amendment by Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar.


Cara Sanquest from the London-Irish Abortion Rights Campaign said: “It’s 35 years since Irish people were given the chance to vote on access to abortion in Ireland and we likely won’t get this chance again in our generation; we’re calling on the Irish abroad to make one journey home to vote Yes on May 25th to stop the thousands of cruel and lonely journeys by women from every county in Ireland to access a safe abortion in England and elsewhere.”


Irish citizens overseas should visit for more information on eligibility and how to get on the electoral register. Citizens abroad are entitled to vote in the referendum if they left Ireland during or after December 2016, are on the official register and return home to vote in person.


“If you’re Irish and living abroad you must not take for granted that this referendum will pass; every single Yes vote is needed, so organize a group to come home together or join one through #HometoVote, add your crucial Yes vote to this referendum and tell the world that Irish citizens wherever they may be, demand a fairer, better Ireland for all” said Sanquest.


Irish abroad who are not eligible to vote can still get involved on by donating to the campaign, writing to your local member of parliament back in Ireland,  talking to family and friends or joining a local Abortion Rights Campaign Group.


Liane Hickey, an Irish citizen who moved to London in August 2017 said: "I travel back and forth between England and Ireland regularly and I always think of the 11 women a day, sisters, friends, mothers that might be beside me on my flight, forced to make that journey alone to access an abortion; I’m travelling home to vote yes at the end of May and encourage others to join us through #hometovote and do the same.”




Media spokespersons: Cara Sanquest on +353 86 334 6762 and Hannah Little +44 776 1757 765


What is London-Irish Abortion Rights Campaign?


We are the London based branch of ARC, representing the Irish diaspora in London. We launched in September 2016, with a march to the Irish embassy to represent the 77 women a week who travel to England from Ireland for abortions. We are now 2500 strong – and have the support of numerous other networks including The Coalition to Repeal the Eighth Amendment and the Repeal Project.


Hannah Little